What’s up everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Daniel and I am “Your College Guy!” Despite the name, this isn’t a gender-specific blog and is intended for all college students. The purpose of this blog is to give those who know me, and others who may not, a look into my college experience; the good, the bad, the funny and everything in between. From sharing my experiences, it is my hope to be able to provide great sound advice to whatever is going on in your collegiate life or simply provide an unbiased outlet to share your problems & accomplishments. Lastly, I want to provide high schoolers (mainly juniors and seniors) with resources and advice that pertains to transitioning from high school to college. While my schedule for posting has not been finalized, it is my hope to post a blog at the beginning and end of each week. Also, eventually, an additional feature on this blog will be added about careers,  just stay tuned! One more thing! If you have suggestions or topics you want me to blog on, feel free to email them to me. Check out my “About Me” section to learn more about me.

Onward and Upward,

Q. Daniel Elder                                                                                                                                          Your College Guy